Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mrs. Clean

It's been over 3 weeks since Dad went home to heaven and I'm only now really getting into cleaning up his old room. Helen has decided to move in there, leaving her old room to her brother. Now this is great, except that I now have two rooms to paint and get ready. Of course the biggest and most urgent is dad's.

Over the past couple of weeks I've gone into his room and sorted this or emptied that. We moved his furniture out last week as a friend and cabinet maker is restoring them so Helen can use them. Now this morning I actually started the cleaning up. I placed a large trash can in there and started throwing away the garbage. I've also started a box of garage sale stuff and yes I've also started a rather large pile of stuff I can't part with - at least not yet.

Probably my biggest and greatest find is that there were 2 painting hanging on dad's walls. To anyone else these would have been placed in the garage sale pile, but for me they are in the definitely don't get rid of under any circumstances pile. You see what makes these paintings special is that there on the back are the words 'Hand painted by Helen Bukowski' and 'Hand painted by Ronald Bukowski' What a piece of family heritage for the children. I'm going to find out how to clean them up and then I've already found the place I want to hang them. Hmmm maybe I can even put mom and dad's wedding picture close by. Going to have to think on that.

Okay so I've nothing profound to write about today, except that this has shown me that stuff is really just stuff and when we go we take nothing with us and in the long term it means nothing to us. It may mean something to those left behind, but to us it is nothing.

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