Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

Here is a different version of this wonderful poem -

T’was the night before Christmas and it seemed such a shame,
not a soul mentioned Jesus, our Savior by name.
They talked about Santa, about reindeers and elves
as their dust covered Bibles just lay on the shelves.

The children were watching their late night TV
full of cursing and garbage that they should not see
With ma in her nightie and I on my throne
we thought it quite funny, as our hearts turned to stone.

When out in the yard the dogs started howling
I figured it must be a burglar prowling.
I grabbed up my gun, my ammo and more
and away in a flash headed straight out the door.

Off in the distance the moon shown so brightly
but out in the east the clouds were quite ghastly.
When what to my questioning ears should I hear
but the sound of trumpets so loud and so clear.

The clouds started parting and they started to roll
and it looked just like smoke or an unraveling scroll.
Then came a voice so majestic and strong
that I started to tremble ‘cause I knew I’d done wrong.

Come Joseph, come Matthew, come Luke and come John
Rise Mary, now Martha, Peter and Tom.
Then the earth started shaking with a great roaring sound
and I saw these great souls rise up from the ground.

My heart started pounding and I couldn’t believe
the sight I was seeing, I just wanted to leave.
I shook my head twice and I looked back again
I still saw them flying right up there to meet him.

Then in an instant the dead ceased to rise
so I thought it was over but to my surprise,
a neighbor came screaming from his house down the street
His wife had just vanished as she lay there asleep.

Now the town was in chaos, our neighborhood too,
with so many missing we didn’t know what to do.
The sirens were blaring, as the mothers all cried
I looked up and saw a plane fall from the sky.

Then I looked at my wife and she looked back at me
and we both remembered our newborn baby
As we ran through the house we both started screaming
Lord, don’t let this happen, oh please we’re just dreaming.

When we came to the nursery we searched the whole floor,
we searched through the crib and we searched still some more
but our darling young son was no where in sight
Now we knew that the rapture had happened that night.

As walked through the house we knew what we’d see,
no longer our children watching TV.
With all of the confusion I sat there and pondered
how could God make mistakes; it was all I could wondered.

I went to a church and I gave a full my full tithes,
I never stole things and I never told lies.
Oh, it was then that it happened and it became oh so clear
it isn’t through goodness but what I held dear.

Yes, salvation is one thing that’s easy to gain
It requires forgiveness from the lamb that was slain.
The Father so loved us that He gave us His Son
So whoever believeth, the victory won.

So if you’re alive with a heart full of sin
Remember Jesus is knocking, please let him come in
Yes, the rapture is coming and it may not be long.
What a shame to be left here when our loved ones are gone.

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