Monday, November 29, 2010

More. More. I want more!

With Thanksgiving over I’ve had the weekend to reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for. I’ve been tremendously blessed, especially in the past couple of years. The funny things is that I still find myself wanting more. I want more from myself, more from my husband and children, more from my life, more stuff, more, more, more. I have to ask myself “Why is that?” and ‘When will it be enough?”

God made us in His image so does that mean that this desire for more is a mirror of His own desire for more from us. Could my earthly desire for more, actually come from God? God wants more of us and more from us. He wants us completely and totally. He wants to leave nothing to chance or more appropriately nothing to sin. When He has it all there is nothing left for Satan.

Unfortunately because we are human, we are weak. We will always be tainted with our earthly desires.  Adam and Eve were tempted in the garden and our God given desire for more was twisted into what it is today. Satan has always used our desire for more to his gain. He twists it, taints it till what we have left is nothing more than selfishness and the desire for self satisfaction.

The ‘more’ we need to strive for is the desire for a greater, stronger relationship with God. We need to strip away all the material desires, all the selfish desires and seek to fill that need with the only thing that will fulfill us, our relationship with God. The more God we put in our lives the less room there is left for the ‘more’ of other things.

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MamaLlamaJr said...

Well said Larissa! I too struggle with the need for more. I'm going to share this with my sister in law as we've been discussing this very thing.