Friday, February 26, 2010

Vacation Hangover

Okay I’ve been home from vacation for 3 days now, you’d think I’d be over it but not me.

Now who doesn’t suffer from a vacation hangover every now and again? Well I’m suffering from it now.

I was feeling so great on the drive home. Chirpy, full of energy and ready to take on the world. I get home and I wake up cranky, unmotivated and completely out of sorts. After my rest away I should have all the patience and energy in the world so why don’t I – it’s the hangover thing.

My theory is that I’ve used up all my fun and happy vibes having a great time so when I got home I had nothing left and I to need build up my reserve again. This building up of happy vibes is made doubly difficult when you’ve got gray skies, snow, cold and yuk to deal with – totally happy vibeless if you ask me.

So how am I going to get my happy vibes back, well it certainly isn’t by doing the washing & cleaning the house. Let’s see I think that a tall order of chocolate and ice cream is called for, with a side order of movies, popcorn, Wii playing and generally having fun. I even think that I’ll put in an order of children’s laughter brought on by tickles and hugs. Yep this definitely sounds like a cure for the holiday hangover or even better still lets just pack up and go on vacation again ;-)

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